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generic table code

This table can be used for a character bio, profile code, recs list, etc. Examples available below the cut.

  • I created this code about a few years ago to use as a character bio in a role-play game. Since, I've also turned it into a fanfic recs list (pictured above) and it can also be used as a profile code, masterlist, etc.

  • Different color schemes are available upon request! Just leave me a comment on this entry.

  • To change the color scheme yourself, I recommended pasting the code into a program like Notepad or TextEdit, and using the FIND + REPLACE feature. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time!

  • The text below the banner (in the example above, it says: Babysitters Club fanfic recs) is actually an image. To change the text, you need to make a new image. (GIMP is free! This is so simple, though, that you could even use Paint or Seashore.) Simply make sure the background of the image is the same color as the background of your table (or transparent), then add your text and upload to a server.

  • Paste this for Livejournal/Insanejournal or this for Dreamwidth. For this code, you do not need to disable auto-formatting. If you do so, the code will not display properly.


Click to enlarge.

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