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Header issue

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I'm aware of the problem in the header with some of my layouts. Some of Dreamwidth's code changed awhile ago--the headers didn't originally display like that!---and I keep forgetting to update my code because the last few months have been insane in RL. : /

All code should be updated within a couple days though. I'll let you all know when I'm done, in case some of you are using my themes and need to update!

- C
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generic table code

This table can be used for a character bio, profile code, recs list, etc. Examples available below the cut.

customizable table )

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Requests are currently open. If you have a request, please comment on this post with your request and a link to your preferred color scheme. You can use a site such as Colour Lovers for this.

Note: I do not promise to fulfill all requests. I do, however, promise to review all requests within a couple days and let you know if I think I can manage what you're asking for.