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temp live preview @ [community profile] cruxdespair

    1. Select any TRANSMOGRIFIED based style.
    3. I strongly recommend hitting TEXT and changing the RECENT ENTRIES text to RECENT and the MEMBER POSTS (if you're using the layout on a community) text to MEMBERS. Basically, long strings of text won't fit in the navlink boxes properly, which will cause your layout to look clunky. :/
    4. I strongly recommend saving all images to your own server, just because that's more secure on your end, but that's up to you.
    5. Go to CUSTOM CSS and uncheck USE LAYOUT'S STYLESHEET.
    6. Paste and save!
    7. Modify as much as you want, but please credit.
    8. If you have a long journal title, you might want to go to #header and adjust the height value. (Otherwise part of your title will be cut off.) Let me know if you need any help.
    9. Customized comment pages are not recommended.

    - The color scheme for Vanessa can be found here.

    - I am currently taking color scheme requests for this layout, as well as Mad Tea Party (as this is basically a topnav version of Mad Tea Party :P ) and Euphemia.
    - If you would like to make a request, please click here.
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There's a way to avoid Step #6 in the future: If you just copy that url into your address bar and grab the information from that page, then add it into your style css, you can ignore the extra step. The following is the code from that page in case you want to add it to this layout.